Preparation for marriage, particularly in our contemporary culture, is of major pastoral importance. We earnestly desire that when a man and woman enter into the holy bond of marriage they do so in a way that not only ensures that the union be valid, but also ensures they are able to mutually support each other in life and love. No marriage is without struggle, but adequate preparation can assist a couple to persevere in faith and to know the joy and blessings of their relationship.

The celebration of marriage is a liturgical act and a form of public worship of the Church. The couple, even if one of them is unbaptized, shares in the mystery of the unity and fruitful love of Christ and the Church symbolized both in their union and in the liturgical celebration in the church. This celebration, particularly in the homily, should highlight this mystery.

The Church teaches that the Sacrament of Marriage is a commitment of life and love which stretches through the lifetime of the couple and which must grow and develop every day.

In order to prepare for this sacrament, anyone seeking marriage in the Church must contact the Parish Office at least six (6) months prior to the wedding. Interviews with the priest or Deacon Ed McCarthy, special classes and other preparations are necessary before a couple can celebrate their marriage in Church.